A Proper Hockey / Ringette Stance
Will Not Only...

Contribute to a players balance but more importantly, it will ensure their stability, and improve their power and speed!

Hockey/Ringette Stance

  1. Knees bent 90 degrees
  2. Chest and head up
  3. Ankles held up straight with blades on flats (not leaning in on Inside edges or out on Outside edges)
  4. Skates shoulder width apart – not too wide
  5. Stick on the ice and in front

Now You Are READY!

Team Sessions

Does your team need that extra edge?

  • Team power skating sessions are very popular and may be booked by special request.
  • Many coaches book 3-4 power skating sessions for their team during the season and this is very effective as skills can be progressed as the team improves.
  • Please email to book your team sessions.

"Make Clark Power Skating a part
of your teams success!"

Lisa Clark