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“Early Bird” Power Skating Programs

High Performance power skating sessions.  Fall and Winter programs.

These are very popular 10 week small group power skating sessions specific to the needs of the group.  Only for the very committed “Early Birds”.

Early Bird Power Skating Programs Calgary

The early morning sessions begin with foundational work on posture, balance, edges, and forward and backward stride technique. Next we move into agility skating and this includes work on cross-overs, lateral movement, turns and transitions, stops and starts, and agility moves.  The final part of the 10 week program involves combining skills and performing them at game speed!

Being a smaller group the lesson plans are specially designed based on the needs of the players.

Sessions are innovative, challenging, and fun!

Email Lisa for more info:

Early Bird Power Skating Programs Calgary

I believe in building and mastering a solid skating foundation. This can take many years but the reward is being able to play your game at a very high level.

Lisa Clark