Clark Skate Calgary TestimonialAllTestimonials
12 October 2020

Testimonial from a Coach on Team Power Skating

"Lisa Clark, from Clark Power Skating worked with the Rocky Mountain Raiders U18 AAA Female program. She was used to work on edge work and explosiveness. She showed great support…
Anne SauveAllNews
1 May 2020

Ann Sauve

Ann Sauve, one of our skaters, instructors, and also my niece had the honor of being chosen for the Jr. National Ringette team, competing in the World Ringette Championships, and…
Clark Skate Calgary TestimonialAllTestimonials
1 May 2020

Testimonial from Coach/Parent

"My boys have been attending Clark Power Skating camps each year for the past four years.  I have always been impressed with how Lisa can break down the skating stride…
Ringette stanceAllTips
27 April 2020

A Proper Hockey / Ringette Stance

Will Not Only... Contribute to a player’s balance but more importantly, it will ensure their stability, and improve their power and speed! Posture and stance are the first things that…
Counter Balance Clark Power Skating CalgaryAllTips
27 April 2020

Crossovers, Edges, and Counter Balance

Crossovers are used in many ways – for lateral movement, in a running motion to accelerate, with shoulders facing in, with shoulders facing out, from a side start, from a…
Skate Sharpening Tips Clark Power Skating CalgaryAllEquipment
27 April 2020

Tips on Skates for Parents and Players

Skates: Properly fitted skates really improve learning as well as enjoyment of the game.  When choosing a skate it is best to choose a good quality skate that fits really…
Arm Swing Clark Power Skating CalgaryAllTips
27 April 2020

Arm Swing and Upper Body Movement in Forward Skating

In forward skating most of the speed comes from the lower body.  The upper body only assists with the momentum.  Other than a sprinter type arm motion, the upper body…
27 April 2020

WHL Next Generation: Kyle Crnkovic

Kyle Crnkovic, one of our skaters and instructors is highlighted in the following article as one of the talented future stars of the Western Hockey League. ***************** WHL Next Generation…
Clark Skate Calgary TestimonialAllTestimonials
24 April 2020

Testimonial from a Player

"I have been skating with Clark Power Skating since 2014. I have seen excellent results in my stride, edges and quickness. Lisa's techniques help me get back to basics and…
Clark Skate Calgary TestimonialAllTestimonials
15 April 2020

Testimonial on the Camps from a Hockey Parent

"I have tried all of the power skating options in Calgary and Lisa by far offers the best teacher to student ratio (usually 4-1), the best value, and she genuinely…
Chris Liverani photo hockey netAllQuotes
14 April 2020

Scott Niedermayer Quote

“I did a lot of skating.  Power skating, hockey, and figure skating.  I was on the ice a lot.  In some ways it came naturally, but I had a lot…
14 April 2020

Skate Guards

Wear your skate guards…. and you won’t need to get your skates sharpened as often! Most players get their skates sharpened too often. Sometimes out of necessity because of nicks in…
14 April 2020

Skate Sharpening

Skate Sharpening and the Importance of a Good One! The radius of hollow (ROH) is the technical term to describe the depth of the hollow between the inside and outside…
Ankle Bend and Extension - Clark Power Skating CalgaryAllEquipmentTips
14 April 2020

Ankle Bend and Extension

It is not recommended to wrap the laces around the ankle of the skate boot as this can inhibit ankle mobility.  Taping around the ankle of the boot is also…
Clark Skate Calgary TestimonialAllTestimonials
1 March 2020

Testimonial from Parent / Coach

"Having the ability to skate well makes all the other parts of the game easier like passing or shooting - efficient skating is the fundamental building block for hockey players.…

Each skater learns differently from the other and at a different pace. There may be one correct way to perform a skating skill but there are many ways to reach that skill.