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Clark Skate Calgary Testimonial

“My boys have been attending Clark Power Skating camps each year for the past four years.  I have always been impressed with how Lisa can break down the skating stride into simple, teachable elements that players can practice and remember.  After each camp, and throughout the hockey season, I see these small changes multiplying into real noticeable improvements in skating and overall gameplay.

After seeing the improvements in my own kids’ skating, I asked Lisa to work with the Bantam and Midget hockey team I have coached each of the past two seasons.  Many of our players saw drastic skating improvements in a short period of time through these weekly sessions with Lisa, which helped the teams have very successful seasons.

One of the best aspects of the Clark Power Skating camps is that my kids WANT to keep coming back, I think for two reasons.  First, they actually notice improvements in their skating, which makes them want to continue getting better.  Secondly, they REALLY like working with Lisa.  She is a very kind and patient instructor, who has a unique way of relating to each of the skaters.  When they are on the ice with Lisa, they want to improve.”

Travis Tweit