Clark Power Skating FAQS

What is Power Skating?

It is an instructional program that teaches skating skills and techniques to hockey and ringette players in a progressive format, and as a means of improving their game. It takes many years to become a great skater and player. If skaters are taught correct skating technique from a young age they will eventually be able to play their game at a high level without even thinking about their skating. This is the ultimate goal!

How Do I Register?

Registration can be completed online. Its safe, secure and has easy step by step instruction. » Register

My son/daughter doesn’t like power skating. What should I do?

You should let them know that skating is the most important part of their game and that power skating has the “power” to make their game more rewarding. Skaters who persevere with skating instruction will experience the pay-off. They will find that their game improves and that they have more to contribute to the team. When skaters make this connection themselves, they will ask for more power skating!

Is my child ready for power skating?

Your child must be able to skate across the width of the ice with some glide, and be able to fall down and get up on their own. If they are able to do this they will fit into our power skating program at the entry level. This is not a learn to skate program.

What is an "Advanced" Session?

“Advanced” sessions are geared for the higher level players. These classes are not limited to, but do typically include Division 1 and 2, A, AA, AAA hockey players, as well as A and AA Ringette players.

Do I require equipment and stick?

Required Equipment Illustrations


Full equipment and hockey or ringette stick are required. This is not only for the skater’s safety but also to have them get used to doing all skills in full equipment.

Full equipment includes:

  • skates
  • helmet
  • neck guard
  • shoulder pads
  • elbow pads
  • hockey or ringette pants
  • hockey gloves
  • mouth guards are optional, though recommended

The most important item on the list is skates. If there is one item not to scrimp on it is skates.

Do you hold other power skating classes besides the spring, summer and winter camps?

Other power skating classes can be arranged for a team or group of similar skilled players. These are usually held on early morning ice due to the lack of prime-time ice. Power skating instruction can be arranged for your skater’s team during their regular practice times. Private and semi-private lessons are also available.