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Clark Power Skating offers camps every 4 months and each camp has a special focus.  The forward and back stride technique is reviewed at each camp and then specific skating skills are trained depending on the focus of the camp.

It is a daunting task to cover all of the skating skills needed in hockey or ringette in a four or five day camp but by narrowing the focus and working on specific training areas we can provide high quality instruction and make improvements in each skater every camp.

We want to see you often and many of our skaters do attend each of the camps throughout the season.  This is ideal because every 4 months they will be getting training and tune up, as well as covering all the skating skills needed to play their game. Every camp is fresh, fun, and exciting!

Each camp has sessions for all age groups and skill levels, as well as advanced sessions for the higher skilled players.

The following camps offered:

Winter “Quickness” Power Skating Camp – December

Explosive acceleration on the ice requires proper use of edges, quick feet, power with full leg drive, and forward lean. There are 3 basic starts worked on in this camp: forward sprint start, cross-over start, and back starts.

Consciously develop your quickness off the start and follow it with consistent full extension during the striding phase.

Spring “Agility” Power Skating Camp – April

Edges, edges, edges! This camp is designed to improve agility with work on edges, cross-overs, lateral movement, and all turns!

Being aware of balance points and learning proper upper body positioning for each skill is critical for skating development!

Summer “Speed & Stride” Camps – August

These camps focus on the 3 ingredients of SPEED – technique, power, and quickness! Skating skills include forward and back stride, cross-overs, and quick starts.

A strong, powerful stride is essential to playing your game at a high level. A short stride is a hindrance to speed. Learn proper stride technique, then add power and quickness.

Summer “Speed & Agility” Camps – August

These camps are a combination of Agility (edges and turns) plus Speed work.

Edges are used in every skating skill.  The better the edges the better the skater.  Balance over each part of the blade is critical in mastering edges.  Edge control is the key to effective stopping, turning, and lateral movement.

“Advanced” Camps

These camps have been specially designed to challenge the higher skilled players.

You must be able to be strong both left and right in all skating skills. Be aware of your weaker side and WORK IT!

TRY to keep your knees bent close to 90 degrees in all skating drills. By staying lower you activate the big muscle groups to perform at their explosive best!

Sign Up For More!

Many skaters sign up for 2 and even 3 weeks of summer training. This is ideal as the “Speed and Agility” and the “Speed and Stride” camps each have a different focus and are excellent preparation for evaluations.

Amazing Instructor Ratio!

In order to ensure all players receive ample attention at the camps the skater to instructor ratio will be 5:1 at the most! For the younger age groups the maximum skater to instructor ratio will be 4:1. This instructor ratio is critical in teaching skating technique and key to achieving results.