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This year I reviewed the hockey school videos from the 1970’s of the great Howie Meeker. Howie Meeker was a big teacher of skills. He wanted his students to learn perfect posture and balance, and to be able to skate well and handle the puck well. It is immensely helpful to review videos like these because they bring you back to the importance of teaching solid basics using tried and true exercises repeatedly. Many of his principles are the same ones that we preach in our camps today!

There are a lot of Howie Meeker quotes from when he was a broadcaster, but the following are some of my favorite Howie Meeker quotes and phrases from his hockey school videos:

“Bend your knees!”

“You are bent over like a pretzel!”

“Shoulder over the knee, over the ball of the foot!”

“Most kids have a stick that is too long!”

“To learn to skate kids have to be able to flex their ankles – in their skates!”

“You gotta tell your feet what to do!”

“Feet work, hands work, Super!”

“Keep your stick on the ice!”

“Feet no wider than shoulder width apart! Wider than that – no power, no balance.”