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Ringette stance

Will Not Only…

Contribute to a player’s balance but more importantly, it will ensure their stability, and improve their power and speed!

Posture and stance are the first things that we work on when teaching skating technique.


  1. Ankles flexed and knees bent 90 degrees, knees pressed out over the toes
  2. Hips are low and upper body slightly forward, bent from the hips with the back straight
  3. Chest and head up
  4. Skates hip width apart – not too wide
  5. Ankles held up straight with blades on flats – ankles not caving in (pronating) or falling out (supinating)
  6. Once skaters have the basic stance we practice the stance with a wide “V” as well so that the inside edges can be used for forward skating and quick starts
  7. Stick on the ice and in front

Now You Are READY!