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Anne Sauve

Ann Sauve, one of our skaters, instructors, and also my niece had the honor of being chosen for the Jr. National Ringette team, competing in the World Ringette Championships, and winning the gold medal in 2019.  The following article features Ann and talks about her love of ringette and giving back by coaching young ringette players.


After making her debut last year playing on the Junior National Ringette team and playing in and winning at worlds, one local athlete is using her experience to not only forward her ambitions in ringette, but also to coach younger players.

Nineteen-year-old Ann Sauve grew up in Strathmore and has played forward in ringette for the past 15 years. She was scouted by the worlds team at both the 2019 Canada Winter Games and the 2019 Canadian Ringette Championships. She was then asked to attend main camp held in Ottawa in May 2019 where she tried out and was successfully selected to play on the team.

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